Heviz card и Hévíz Passport

Use the special services offered by Hévíz Card and win with the Hévíz Passport!

  • +1 hour to your 3 hours’ ticket to the lake
  • +1 hour free parking in the Large Car Park,
  • +1 hour or a half day bicycle rental at the Tourinform Office

and many more extra services await for you with the FREE Hévíz Card
Take the opportunity during your stay in Hévíz and ask for the card and the booklet accompanying it, in which you can find a lot of useful information about the town, at your accommodation or at the Tourinform Office!

Use the card also in the West Balaton region, take part in recreational programs and explore the surrounding beaches and museums on discounted prices!

  • Every guest who spends at least two nights in Hévíz can receive the Hévíz Card.
  • The card is valid for families of the cardholder.
  • The card is valid from the day of the arrival until 12pm on the day of departure.

The Hévíz Card can be used in restaurants, museums, at free time programs, for transport and other services.

Hévíz Passport: Passport to the land of the Hévíz Premium Vacations!

The only passport, with after your purchase you will rewarded with a Hévíz Premium Vacation! 

For more information ask at the Tourinform Office (Hévíz, Rákóczi str. 2.) or from your landlord.